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Our homeless hounds depend on you, thank you!

W.A.H.S relies heavily on the kindness and support of our patrons, without whose ongoing support and financial contributions, we would be unable to function and remain so successful in helping all of the animals that cross our path.

Please consider becoming a financial sponsor, either short term or long term, by donating a sum each month. We also accept one off donations.

If you have benefited from our services by finding the animal of your dreams, or if we have assisted in helping you find a new home for a loved pet due to unfortunate circumstances, please consider a donation.

Some people make a regular donation in memorium for a loved pet that is no longer with us, to celebrate a birthday or simply to say Thank You to W.A.H.S for the services that we provide.

Donations are processed through PayPal and even if you don’t an account with them, they can take credit and debit cards.

Select the most appropriate donation method below and help support your local Animal Humane Society.

Donate $25

Donate $50

Make a Monthly Subscription

Or if you would like to give an amount not listed above,

click the donate button below:

All donations and subscriptions are handled safely and securely by PayPal. Subscriptions can be canceled at any point.
Your financial support is welcomed and we remain truly thankful for your support!

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