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Choosing a Pet – 5 Key Questions

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends that you first consider these important questions before you adopt a pet:

1. Is this pet right for my family members?5-Tips-for-Choosing-a-Pet-Name-mdn

A strong, active pet may be too much for a young child or elderly person to handle.  Small pets may be too delicate for rough play with children.  Always make sure that everyone in the household agrees to adopting a pet and that no one is the family is allergic to pets.

2. Who will be the primary caretaker for the pets?

Designate one adult in the home to be the primary care taker so that the pet’s needs don’t become lost in the shuffle of busy schedules.  You can still teach children the importance of caring for their new friend by assigning some age appropriate task, such as brushing the pet.

3. Can I afford it?

The cost of a pet goes far beyond the purchase price or adoption fee.  Remember to include the cost of food, pet supplies, veterinary care, training, and professional grooming.  Consider that you may need to build a fence or hire a pet sitter.

4. Am I ready to make a long term commitment?

Adopting a pet means being responsible for its health and happiness for the rest of its life, which could easily be 10 to 15 years for dogs and more than 15 years for some cats.

5. Are you committed to making this pet a good citizen?

A well trained pet is a pleasure and is welcome in public parks, on sidewalks, and in other people’s homes.  Research shows that people who take the time to train their dogs keep them longer than people who don’t.

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