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Willow Fire August 2015

It all started on Saturday, August 8th when the American Red Cross placed a call to the Western Arizona Humane Society.  We had all seen the smoke just didn’t know the seriousness of the situation unfolding in Mohave Valley, AZ.  To date this fire has ravaged over 6,000 acres and there is no news on containment at this time.

I traveled to Mohave Valley, AZ yesterday afternoon to assist  at the emergency shelter to help care for displaced animals and anything else that was needed.  I spent almost 20 years as a Mohave Valley resident before moving to Lake Havasu City in 2008.  As I entered the old Mohave Valley Elementary School I was reminded of the community that helped shape who I am today and I was immediately overwhelmed with emotion for the families and pets that are being effected by the Willow Fire.  I was impressed with the volunteers who had turned out to help and the overall great spirit of the residents in spite of the tragedy unfolding in some of their neighborhoods.

We worked hard into the night and assured everyone their pets would be cared for and safe until they could secure a better situation.  Each person who came for help was so grateful.  We have about 50 cats and dogs right now that we are caring for as the Western Arizona Humane Society.  We will be involved and help assist the animals in need for as long as it takes.  If you or anyone else knows of a family with pets who needs assistance due to the Willow Fire please have them contact us at 928-855-5083.  We will be happy to assist.

Hold tight Mohave Valley.  Your beautiful skies will clear again and the passing days will make life a little easier and bearable for everyone involved.  I am a proud past resident and honored I was able to come home and help. On behalf of all of the dedicated staff Members and Volunteers of Western Arizona Humane Society we wish the residents of Mohave Valley, AZ a safe recovery from this tragedy.

Here are some of the beautiful Mohave Valley dogs we have had the pleasure of caring for.

Steven Jenkins

Administrative / Marketing Manager


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