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Animal Services

For your convenience, we also offer multi-year dog licenses.  The licenses will only be valid as long as the rabies vaccination expiration date. If you purchase a multi-year license and the rabies vaccination expires, we will need updated rabies vaccination information to extend the license expiration date.

Altered 1 Year License    $9.00            Senior/Disabled    $7.00
Altered 2 Year License    $18.00            Senior/Disabled    $14.00
Altered 3 Year License    $27.00            Senior/Disabled    $21.00

Unaltered 1 Year License    $30.00            Senior/Disabled    $28.00
Unaltered 2 Year License    $60.00            Senior/Disabled    $56.00
Unaltered 3 Year License    $90.00            Senior/Disabled    $84.00

The Big Fix SNIP—Spay Neuter Incentive Program

You may qualify for our SNIP Program.  If your household income is less than $35,000 per year, or you participate in Disability, Medicare, AHCCCS, Social Security, Food Stamps or Unemployment.  Call us or stop by and sign up for affordable spay/neuter options provided in part with grant funding from the Companion Animal Spay Neuter Committee/Pet Friendly License Plates and generous donations.

Please call us for more information at:

(928) 753-2727

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